Why Us?


Why Should You Choose Our Company?

Our Delivery Rate

We know that you want your stuff delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, it is impossible to deliver it yesterday, but we are pretty fast. Work that might take some companies months, will only take us weeks. We like quick results too, so we treat our customer’s projects like they are our own and deliver quickly and efficiently.


We take our honesty policy very seriously. With so many SEO companies and website design companies scamming people left and right, overpromising and then underdelivering, we are taking a stand against the mantra of “anything to make a sale”. Any questions you have, we are going to answer them truthfully. We align our professional services with your expectations. We are a full disclosure, professional seo company when it comes to our services and you can expect nothing less from us.

We Have Experience in Many Different Industries from A to Z  you get customers? WE can help guaranteed!

At MoreBiz, we have designed and marketed many websites in several different industries. Our experience and knowledge has allowed us to market many different types of industries very effectively.

Our Project Support and Lack of Automation

While most companies are spending their time trying to figure out how to decrease customer interaction we are constantly working on how to INCREASE our customer interaction. We’ve seen some companies who don’t even have a contact phone number! This is unacceptable (not to mention shady) as far as we are concerned. We ensure that the customer receives MORE personal interaction, not less. In fact, give us a call right now at (408) 556-0327, we will be happy to talk to you.

Attention to Detail

Services like website design, search engine optimization and pay per click management require strict attention to detail and lots of time for meticulous execution. Rushing through these processes and bunching these projects and campaigns together out of order, believe me when we tell you, is going to waste your time and money. These processes require time to qualify & target keywords and customers via the web.

If you don’t hire us, your competition will.

This one is self explanatory. If you fail to realize the importance of an effective website design and high search engine ranking (either through search engine optimization of PPC advertising), then you will be at a very strong disadvantage. If you don’t hire us as your professional SEO company and web design company, your competition will. And believe us, you don’t want that to happen.

We are a full service and professional online marketing company!

Along with search engine optimization, pay per click campaign management and social media marketing, we also specialize in designing visually pleasing, effective websites with SEO in mind. Our designs are modern, aesthetically pleasing, effective, professional and provide calls to action for potential customers. Presentation is everything. Users who visit your website must easily understand what you’re offering and how they can get it. An average deal presented properly will always beat out “A GREAT DEAL” presented improperly.