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5 reasons why businesses need websites in 2019!

1. Credibility

Consumer’s are generally turned off by companies that don’t have a web presence. This is one of the biggest reasons why small businesses need websites. A website not only puts the business out there and makes itself known. Only because modern consumers expect it, it instantly gives a business credibility.

Consumers Expect Web Presence

Even businesses that do have websites can still leave bad impressions on web consumers. Think about when you have come across outdated websites. Old design and layout. Poor use of colors and font. Spelling errors. The whole nine yards of a bad website. You probably click away every time you encounter one of these ancient sites. Unfortunately a lot of small business owners succumb to this because they don’t have the skills nor the time to design a functional website. Luckily MoreBiz Digital Marketing, can help businesses look both legitimate and professional. In the digital era, this is a wise and a practically necessary investment for both big and small businesses alike.

2. Brand Development

When people think of branding, they usually think about a logo. It’s true that a logo is a big part of a company’s image. In all reality it’s so much more than that. A brand is the entity of a business. It’s what comes – and stays – alive in the minds of consumers. It not only makes a business recognizable from the rest. It’s the personality that consumers come to know and trust.

A Strong Narrative Sells & Generates More Leads

A website is the most relevant and useful platform to make this personality known. There’s hardly a limit to how a company develops its brand online. Businesses can both illustrate and reflect their brands with design, layout, and content. Most importantly, they can more easily tell their story. People, in general, like stories. As consumers are the same way. When buy a product or service, in a way, they become part of the brand and its story.

3. Marketing

Long gone are the days of billboard and radio advertisements. Whenever a person searches for something online, they get a long list of websites to click on. While this is great news for websites that rank higher, it’s not so good for those that rank lower. As for small businesses are usually the ones that don’t do well on search engines page results. With lower visibility, it becomes harder to compete and generate more web traffic. MoreBiz’s advanced skills with SEO and digital marketing, small businesses can rank higher in search engines.

SEO Is a Marketing Powerhouse

When a website is chock full of 404 errors and slow page loading times, web users are more likely to click away and move onto the competitors website. This is one of the things that affect how a website ranks on search engines. Search engines not only favor websites with more web traffic. They also favor ones that maintain their web traffic. Websites that implement strategic keywords in their web content tend to rank higher, as well. These keywords are the terms and phrases that web users search for.

Content Is a Commodity

The Internet is a trove of information. Because of this, information has become a commodity that’s both valuable to the consumer and a business. Content is a big reason why small businesses need websites. Websites provide the most optimal space for content. When providing information in the form of keyword content, businesses can better sell themselves to consumers. If the consumer “buys” into a business’s information, they’re more likely to end up buying the business’s actual products and services. Keywords make up a large component in Google’s PageRank algorithm. When applying keywords into their content, websites optimize and make themselves more visible.

4. Competition

Competition is fiercely digital these days. This is a big reason why small businesses need websites. The majority of small businesses have an online presence. Whether they have a website, social media accounts, or both, small businesses, in general, have caught on. But those that don’t have a website simply can’t compete with the companies that do. Online consumers are only going to see the businesses that have websites. That means all other businesses that don’t have a web presence will stay in the dark. Meanwhile, businesses with websites will outshine them.

Small Businesses Need to Compete with Consumer Expectations

Additionally, consumers don’t take businesses seriously if they don’t have a web presence. To them, if businesses aren’t investing in web presence, they must not care about their performance. To consumers, this translates into poor business & they don’t want to waste their time and money on low-quality products and services. Instead, they’d rather invest their money on something worthwhile. Or, at least, on a business that takes itself seriously.

5. Control

With websites, small business owners are at the wheel. They can drive and control what people see and how they’re perceived. There is also a lot of data available on a website. It’s easy to see where your audience logs in from, at what time, and what they searched for to get there. This is powerful for small business owners. There’s less guesswork and more concrete evidence on people’s behavior and thought patterns. Website owners can see how long their audience stays logged onto a page. They can see which keywords they searched for. They can also see which sites they go to after theirs. Social media and discussion forums have also made it easier to understand audiences. Business owners can then target their audience with engaging and well-researched content.

A Small Business Can Expand Beyond Local Borders

With web tools like Google Analytics, it’s possible for small businesses to see where their audience is logging in from. Even if a local company can generate traffic from out of state (or even out of the country), why wouldn’t they want business from out of United States? It means more eyes are seeing their business, and ultimately, more business is to be had.

Understanding Why Small Businesses Need Websites!

29% of small businesses still don’t have a website. That’s more than a quarter of small businesses still left in the dark, unable to compete and get the recognition they deserve! Do you own a small business? Are you part of the 29% that still doesn’t have a web presence? Don’t let your business stay in the dark another day! Get your website up and running today with MoreBiz Digital Marketing

A compelling and effective website design is the first step towards an effective SEO and PPC campaign.

Whether you’re a small business or an established professional company, a professionally designed website goes a long way in projecting confidence to your potential customers to contact you for more information, or purchase your product/service.

Your website is your “Online Salesman”; it’s your one-on-one communication tool used to convince users to share their contact (or financial) information, so your website must inspire trust by appearing relevant to your business or market, familiar and easy to navigate, and appear as a valuable investment itself (look professional and clean).

The ability to organize all of your vital business information in one area on the web is essential to growing your business. We help you match your business to a website design that expresses your company in the most professional and relevant way possible to allow for maximum visitor-to-sales conversion.

MoreBiz Digital Marketing Agency will work closely with you to produce highly-polished and flexible website design concepts, then you choose which website design you like and we do the rest. If you already have website hosting, your business’s new website can be uploaded and published to the web in as little as two weeks.

We follow a simple, yet effective 5-step process for all of our website design projects:

  • Initial Consultation – Free analysis of your business & market needs, and website design preferences.
  • Requirement and Material Gathering – We gather your materials (content, images, etc) as well as help you gather
  • Mockup Web Design – From the consultation & materials gathered, we’ll present you with a mockup design.
  • Client Changes – You request any changes you’d like to see in keeping with the initial guidance you’ve given us.
  • Final Site Publishing – Once your design is ready to go and all pages have been built out and tested, the website gets uploaded to the live server.

MoreBiz Digital Marketing Agency  has developed a process that has worked to help speed up website designs and make it easy on you our client simultaneously.

Our Website Design Process Below

Step 1 – Package Selection and Purchase

We’ll help to find the best package setup for a website needs. Once a package is decided on & purchased, the project will commence and & receive all the information that’s needed in order to proceed.

Step 2 – Gather text, images and other materials

Once the project begins, we will gather all text content, images, reference websites and other specifications for the project. If you have selected us to write your content, then we will submit content during this step or during the design step, depending on the project.

Step 3 – Website Design and Development

After gathering all information needed for website project, we’ll design and develop the website. Most websites take 1-2 weeks to complete. Some can take longer depending on the size of website and any enhancements are n.

Step 4 – Revisions and changes

We’ll present the website for approval. Including 2 revisions if necessary.

Step 5 – Publish live

This is the final step where any outstanding invoices will be paid and your website will go live on the internet!